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Are Bald Men Sexier?

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The evidence is mixed.

It is true that some people might find bald men more masculine, intelligent, dominant and in some cases–more attractive than their haired counterparts. Regardless however, those traits are subjective, and many people find men with hair to possess these traits over balding or bare headed men. Studies on both sides of the argument have found "evidence" to manifest their claims, newer studies have not resolved the issue.

History of the claim

The claim that bald men are sexier is most likely as old as baldness itself, however, a recent article was the source of the most recent rounds of the claim on the internet. Unfortunately, the article, published in First Malta, provides no sources and discusses a study without giving any information on it.

That being said, studies on the subject have taken place, and have asked whether or not baldness affected people's perception of males characteristics. Many articles discussed these studies, and have come to varying conclusions. BBC, for example, discussed a survey, which also had no source. It stated that certain traits were associated with bald men, however, the traits while positive, don't necessarily mean the men were more attractive. An article in Psychology Today discusses a study in which bald men were found to be more powerful, and dominant. Much like the other articles, these traits might be more attractive to some people but could have the opposite effect on others. Even tho some articles shed a positive light on baldness, others didn't feel the same way. Daily Mail discussed a real survey (that was not provided) done by John Hopkins University, that found that men were more attractive after undergoing a hair transplant. This claim directly contradicts the statement made by First Malta. A similar article by Huffington Post makes the same claims, while also providing the study done by John Hopkins University.

Issues and Analysis

Experts have varying opinions on whether they believe baldness leads to a man being more attractive and masculine, or if it has the opposite effect. For example, Frank Muscarella, a professor at Barry University, described bald men as having a "non threatening form of dominance". He found that they were perceived as more mature and as having more wisdom. A similar study, Shorn Scalps and Perceptions of Male Dominance, by Albert E. Mannes, came to a similar consensus and found that baldness promoted masculinity and power. On the other hand, researchers at John Hopkins University found much different results. According to their study, men who had undergone hair transplants were described as more attractive and youthful by the interviewees. Both sides of the argument provide logical reasoning behind their statements, however there is no conclusive evidence that proves either side. Attractiveness is subjective, and nobody has given enough evidence to accredit that to baldness, or to those blessed with locks.

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