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Was Officer Sean McCamman punished for the beating of Donovann Braswell?Updated automatically every 5 minutes

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Not sure (it looks like "no", though).

Donovann Braswell, an unarmed teen, was struck with a flashlight by Grand Rapids Police Officer Sean Mccammon in 2014 in a high profile police brutality case. We could not find evidence that he was punished for this but are still looking.

Origin and Prevalence

The police came through saying they were looking for two armed suspects. They told 5 black teens to stay where they were even though they committed no crime. Braswell and two others fled the scene because they hadn't committed a crime and the police had no right to detain them. After they fled the scene, the officer grabbed the 15 year and old and proceeded to beat him with a flash light until he was disabled.

This incident is said to have happened on June 13th, 2014 around 9pm in Grand Rapids, Michigan. There was no information provided on who obtained the information first, however, New York Daily News was said to have released information regarding this case. Also, Mlive and Wood Tv were other sources that released information regarding this incident.

Issues and Analysis

Donovann Braswell, filed for a lawsuit against Officer Mccammon. Her claim was that the police used excessive and unreasonable force and arrested and prosecuted him without an actual cause. City Attorney Catherine Mish announced that they reviewed the lawsuit and had began reviewing the allegations. The lawsuit says Officer Sean McCamman grabbed the teen as he scaled a fence then beat him in the head with his flashlight and fists while officers Nathan Mead and Peter Thompson failed to intervene.

Mccammon was not punished, however, it does not give any details regarding the lawsuit nor were we able to find the legal documents to prove that this lawsuit was official.

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