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Did NASA's scientists dicover a physcis defying space engine?

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Austin Moussa

There are valid findings that the engine maybe possible, but NASA's team has not done further experiments in space to back up their theory.


  1. If this new space engine works and travels at high speeds how safe would that actually be for the passengers?
  2. Since the EM Drive isn't used off gases how or what is being substituted to make this engine run?
  3. Is this EM Drive a practical space travel engine or would this just be a waste of time and money?

Origin and Prevalence

NASA's space engine doesn't really work?

The NASA's center of research have reached a point where they say the space engine impossible. The EM drive is a fuel free running engine that can hold up thrusts of power. Having the electromagnetic drive convert to this space engine would break physics said the team from NASA's Johnson space center. The EM drive has been tested multiple times before by many different science teams from other countries and they have yet to get reliable proof that can back up that the Em drive works.

EM Drive

"If the EmDrive works, what would it mean for spaceflight? Shawyer says a solar powered EmDrive could take a manned mission to Mars in 41 days. The basic principle is that an asymmetric microwave cavity would experience a radiation pressure difference on both ends, providing a net thrust without reaction mass. So it falls in the same category as Woodward's METs, but more on the possible connection with Mach's principle further. Shawyer insists that his device does not violate with these laws with respects to special relativity, considering different frames of references." (P. A. Murad)

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Issues and Analysis

Has this engine broke physics defying?

Yes, but no they do have valid research where the physics could be broke. There is not enough experiments to find out if this space engine actually works. Newton's Third Law of physics is for every force there is an opposing force or reaction that is of equal reaction. Since the Em Drive can have a force of momentum going forward and not have an opposing force pushing back the engine is therefore breaking the law.


  1. According to NASA's team this engine if proven to work in space it should travel to mars in just 70 days.
  2. "EmDrive generates thrust by bouncing around electromagnetic energy (in this case, microwave photons) in a closed, cone-shaped chamber."( Nadia Drake)
  3. This space engine would be breaking Newton's third law of physics.

"Solar panels could provide the electricity needed to keep the thruster working, meaning that propulsion would be low-thrust and long-term with virtually no associated cost. That would not only drastically reduce the cost of keeping satellites running and in orbit, but it could make interstellar travel much easier; Harold White, of warp drive fame."(Graham Templeton)

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