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Group of Black Men Attack White Chicago Man for Voting TrumpUpdated automatically every 5 minutes

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Regan Kain

Claim: Group of Black Men Attack White Chicago Man for Voting Trump?

Status: False


Back in the beginning of November 2016, supposedly a group viciously attacked a 50 year old man at a Chicago intersection while people yelled "Don't Vote Trump!" and "You voted for Trump?". It apparently seemed to be possibly two teenagers or younger adults were seen punching and kicking an older man on the street. While the young adults were attacking the older gentlemen one witness yelled "You voted for Trump?" and "Beat his a--.". Then, another witness shouted "Don't vote Trump" and "Steal his stuff." At 12:48 pm on Wednesday, Chicago police responded to a call of a battery at a intersection. Kevin Quid, a Chicago Police spokesman reported that a victim was battered after a traffic related issue and that involved three unknown men and three unknown women. Apparently, one of the attackers possibly stole the victim's cellphone. Then, after the altercation one of the attackers entered their vehicle and left the scene. Furthermore, one of the attackers was seen jumping into a gold car at the intersection and attempted to stop the other attacker from driving away. The 50 year old victim was transported to Mt. Sinai Hospital in good condition.


On November 10, 2016 it was reported that a group of black men attacked a white Chicago man for voting trump.

Origin and Prevalence


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Fox 32 Chicago By: Dane Placko (November 10, 2016. N/A Facebook shares)


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Issues and Analysis

After, watching substantial videos and reading many articles on the claim a group of black men attack white Chicago man for voting Trump is very disturbing, but this claim is false. It has been said that the attackers didn't really know that he voted for Trump or not. But, the altercation was at first just a minor car accident, then later turned into somewhat a political disagreement. It seems to be that during this altercation that bystanders and witnesses were just shouting "Don't vote Trump!" and "You voted for Trump?" and that's what makes this story misleading. So, because bystanders and witness were yelling derogatory remarks about who voted for Trump or not, that's why this claim can be confusing. Furthermore, even the victim stated the attackers didn't know he voted for Trump. However, This altercation has outraged many Americans' across the world and has been a topic of discussion. Even though this claim is false, this altercation should bring awareness that everyone is going to have different political views and everyone should be respectful of that.

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