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Has There Been Dead Voters Casting Ballots In Colorado?Updated automatically every 5 minutes

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Fatema Miah

This claim is true. There has been multiple cases of dead men and women voting in Colorado.

Origin and Prevalence

On September 22, 2016 CBS4 reported CBS4 Investigation Finds Dead Voters Casting Ballots In Colorado says how there has been several cases of dead voters casting ballots in Colorado.





Articles above talk about the same issue of dead voters casting ballots in Colorado. Colorado's Secretary of State's office confirmed that at least 78 dead people are registered to vote. The reason behind this is because of paperwork errors, voters can sometimes remain registered after they die. The people that have done this are refusing to talk about it. This is an illegal act and the family member of the dead voters name being used to vote are very upset about it.

Issues and Analysis

There is a long history on voter fraud. Few states such as Texas, Virginia, and Pennsylvania are guilty of it. The Washington Times explains how these states are guilty of voter fraud. Their reasons are different than of the dead voters. The president has penned a letter to all 50 states requesting their full voter-roll data because of this issue.

The Hill compared the voting histories and found that these are potential vote fraud. Several of these frauds have been going on for years. There has been one case where a woman from Colorado Springs died in October, 2009 and there had been ballots casted under her name from 2010 to 2013. To prove this, there are records that show the casting under the name of the dead woman. To top it off, there has also been a very serious pattern of people mailing in ballots on behalf of the dead.

Methods I used To Conduct My Research

The search engine I used for this project was Google. I searched "has there been dead voters casting ballots in Colorado" and many articles came up about that situation. They were mostly news articles that came up. These news sites are legit too because they are channels that report news on television. That is how I found out the claim is true.

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