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Is school testing damaging kids' brains?Updated automatically every 5 minutes

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Yes, it does.

School testing is surely but slowly damaging the kids' brains.

Origin and Prevalence







Issues and Analysis

The Wales neuroscientist accuses school testing of damaging children's brains. This story is on a Wales news website which is a reliable source because it has several other stories that are unrelated to the accusational story. There are many other sources that also claim that standardized tests have negative effects on children. These claims include: the loss of curiosity and love of learning, harmful stress, loss of learning time, and diverted resources. Instead of spending so much time and money on testing, educators and the government should be focusing on stimulating the children's minds and helping them hone in on skills that will aid them for their future. This article is featured on The Washington Post. It is a reliable article because of where it is posted. The Washington Post is read by many Americans which means that it is a popular website visited by many. These sources are reliable and all agree that standardized testing at school is hindering children.

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