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Is school testing damaging kids' brains?

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Bridget Foehl

Answer. Yes

The question "is school testing damaging kids' brains" is a conflicted topic. Extensive research has been done on this topic though. In the studies, researchers have found that standardized tests leads to depression and anxiety.

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Issues and Analysis

School testing is pushed on students constantly throughout grade level school years. These standardized tests are said to be essential for one to succeed in life. Schools put an intense amount of pressure on students to do well on all of their tests. For instance, as a junior in high school students have to take the ACT or SAT for colleges. This test helps one get accepted or denied into a college and if they receive financial aid or not. Test anxiety gets to students when they test which causes them to tense up and not do well. Then that result leads to them becoming sad and disappointed in themselves. Plus, this makes the school's upset because they say it makes them look poor.

Furthermore, tests have been done on the side effects of stress on kids' brains. Researchers have found that stress damages kids' brains and can alter them in negative ways. When one over stresses about a test they are doing more harm to their bodies than they realize. Many get extremely upset and may cry when they are under that large amount of stress, but they do not realize the long term effect they did to their body. The damage that can be done can lead to sleep problems, depression, etc.

In addition, standardized tests decreasing learning to students. The students start to feel discouraged when they do poorly on the standardized tests so they give up and listen while lessons are being taught. Also, some students do not take standardized testing serious at all. At this point, they do not listen to lectures being taught either.

In the end, through different research and tests that have been done standardized tests are more of a negative thing in kids' lives than positive.

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