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We have a variety of materials to help students learn how to sort truth from fiction on the web.

Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers is our primary text. It shows students how to use various web tools to judge the authority and bias of materials on the web.

Crap Detection 101 by Howard Rheingold is a good introduction to the idea of information pollution.

All Content released CC0 (Public Domain) by the Digital Polarization Initiative.

The Digital Polarization Initiative is a cross-institutional project that encourages students to investigate and verify the information they find online. Articles are student-produced, and should be checked for accuracy before citation as sources.

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The Digital Polarization Initiative is a student-run project which allows university students to investigate questions of truth and authority on the web and publish their results. Learn more, or see our index. Photo credits here. DigiPo members can edit this page.