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Create an about page for your projectUpdated automatically every 5 minutes

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When you get your secret link and click it, it will bring you to a directory. It will look like this:

Here's how you can create an about page for your project.

Click into one of the (Add Question Here) documents. Change the title from (Add Question Here) to "About [whatever your project name is]":

Change to:

For this one time, obliterate the previous template content. Write a short statement on what your project is about. Do not identify students involved without their explicit consent, but if they would like to be identified as part of the team that put the project together, you might also want to add a "Project Members" section. This page can change though, so maybe punt that decision down the road.

Select all, and overwrite:

The page should show up on the site within the hour. Subsequent changes to the page should show up within 15 minutes of editing. This lack of immediate updates may feel weird at first, but you will soon find it strangely peaceful and freeing.

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The Digital Polarization Initiative is a cross-institutional project that encourages students to investigate and verify the information they find online. Articles are student-produced, and should be checked for accuracy before citation as sources.

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The Digital Polarization Initiative is a student-run project which allows university students to investigate questions of truth and authority on the web and publish their results. Learn more, or see our index. Photo credits here. DigiPo members can edit this page.