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12 PM Group 7 Does fat free mean healthy?
Is the lack of Women in Tech Due to Biology?
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WR 121 10 AM Group 3: Can radiation from cell phones cause cancer?
12 pm Group 3: Are artificial sweeteners a healthier alternative to real sugars?
10 AM Group 5: Will avocados go extinct in our lifetime?
Do GMOs have a health risk?
Did Over 500 Android apps contain spyware?
12 PM, Group 5, Are artificial sweeteners a healthier alternative to real sugars?
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10 AM Group 6: Can lack of sleep potentially lead to colon cancer?
10 AM, Group 7, Can a brain pacemaker prevent the cognitive symptoms of Alzheimer's disease?
10 am, Group 1, Does screen time affect teenagers mental well being
10 AM Group 2: Is CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) a deadly disease?
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Are millennials diagnosed with mental disorders more than other generations?
Does Hand Sanitizer Kill 99.9% of Germs on Hands?
Can using marijuana during pregnancy negatively impact the baby after birth?
12 PM, Group 1: Does an alkaline diet confer health benefits?
Are NFL player protests significantly hurting TV ratings and the NFL brand?
12 pm Group 3: Does music affect sport performance?
Is consuming processed meat as harmful as smoking?
***Is the Lack of Women in Tech Due to Biology? (Final)
10 AM Group 4: Will coffee in California soon come with a warning label?
12 PM, Group 6, Does Marijuana Negatively Affect Memory?
12 PM Group 4, Do GMOs have a negative impact on your health?

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