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Are gangs of Muslims attack Swedish cops setting cars on fire?Updated automatically every 5 minutes

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Claim: Swedish cops enter "no-go zones" and come under fire by Muslim gangs.


Status: Mostly False

Summary: According to a couple of sources, Sweden has been under attack by gangs of Muslims migrants. Sweden has become more lenient when letting immigrants into their country and since, Sweden's criminal activity is said to have increased as well. Sweden has deemed "no-go zones" ( 1)in areas where Swedish police officers have refused to go because the crime is so bad. A car fire epidemic has arisen and attacks on police ( 2) officers by people in masks with rocks and firecrackers are common in these zones. Over seventy cars have said to have been set on fire from Muslim migrants, which police believe could be a cause of revenge for a crackdown of organized crime in the area.


Origin and Prevalence

The very first source of this claim came from a Swedish right-wing online magazine, Nyheteridag( 3) (needs to be translated over). As another note, the author ( 4) of this article was also the same person who founded the online magazine in question. The right-wing alternative media online magazine is also Sweden Democrat (SD) friendly, meaning extreme right views and readers of parties involving racism.

Other sources where this article has popped up along with slight different variations are Bare Naked Islam and Express. Bare Naked Islam bases their articles on unreliable sources ( 5) and all of their articles speak of Islam and Muslims as threats to society in a hateful way. As far as the Express goes, it stated that there are apparently fifty "no-go zones" ( 6), which Nyheteridag failed to report. It seems trying to find a valid link to a reliable source on the Express page is near impossible since it links back to itself or the other stories this online tabloid publishes.


Issues and Analysis

It seems more than anything these are just extremists who support either an anti-Islam attitude or prey on the fear of the naive readers. It's true that riots and car fires have been rampant throughout the lower income areas of Sweden, but it isn't fair to blame these occurrences on Muslim immigrants and there is no proof that they're the ones causing these crimes. Since Sweden takes more refugees ( 7) in Europe, there may be an anti-immigrant stance with some Swedish natives.

Of course it doesn't help that world leaders ( 8) are thriving on this immigrant fear. A former U.S. ambassador has even stated ( 9) for CNN that crime has not risen as much as people like to link immigrants and criminal activity.

The facts of "no-go zones" are debunked as well. Swedish police have given quick responses when asked about "no-go zones" stating that they do not exist ( 10).

It's simply a case of the media ( 11) fueling the fire.

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