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Did Pope Francis opens for laundry for homeless in Rome?

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Claim: Pope Francis opens a free laundromat for the homeless.


Status: True

Summary: On April 10, 2017, it was announced that Pope Francis had opened a free laundromat for the homeless in Rome. The laundromat is said to include six washers, six dryers, and several irons donated by the Whirlpool corporation. Other producers are contributing by donating soap powder and fabric softener. The laundry room ( 1) is located at the "People of Peace Center" run by the Sant'Egidio Community at the old hospital complex of San Gallicano, in the central Trastevere area of Rome.


Origin and Prevalence

The announcement of the laundromat opening was made by Pope Francis' chief almsgiver Konrad Krajewski on Monday, April 10th. Krajewski stated ( 2) that the pope wanted to do something following last year's Jubilee Year of Mercy, and the laundromat will serves to give form to charity and works of mercy aimed at restoring dignity of many people. Krajewski claims that the one thing that was missing and urgently needed ( 3) in the eternal city was a laundry service.


Issues and Analysis

Pope Francis has had a long history ( 4) of providing aid to the poor and homeless in Rome. Ever since being named the 266th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis has opened many facilities aimed at providing help to the less privileged. In 2015 the pope opened ( 5) a free barber shop, showers, health care clinic, as well as a dormitory for homeless men near St.Peter's Basilica.

In the long run, these small contributions by Pope Francis might help in the step to eliminate homelessness forever. One of the main reasons the homeless people are not able to get jobs is because of their appearance. They look dirty because they do not have showers, their clothes look and smell dirty because they do not have a place to wash them. Their hair is long because they do not have a place to cut it. Not having a job makes it so they don't have money, and therefore cannot afford to make these changes. On the contrary, employers to not want people looking dirty and smelling bad to represent their company. These two concepts work hand in hand with each other.

Ending homelessness is like climbing a ladder. With Pope Francis providing all of these necessary resources to the homeless for free, it will increase their chances of getting a job. They will be able to look and smell nicer when going in for an application. Once they have a job, they will start receiving an income. Once they start receiving an income, they can save up money to by an apartment of their own, thus not being homeless.

If we can get these free resources available all over the world, homelessness will end faster than we know it.

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