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Did SIU Carbondale Close Due to Social Justice Warriors?Updated automatically every 5 minutes

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Claim: Southern Illinois University at Carbondale campus will be shut down as of August 2017, due to "Social Justice Warrior" activity and protests on the campus.


Status: False

Summary: On Thursday January 5, 2017, an article was posted to the American Tribune website, a website known for its click bait titles and fake news, concerning Southern Illinois University. The article, which has since been deleted, stated that the campus would shut it's doors due to a significant drop in enrollment and budget cuts. The American Tribune stated that they had sources that informed them that the drop in enrollment is due to students and parents being wary of the University because of recent Black Lives Matter protests and crimes that have taken place on campus .1</sup> However, the university's spokesperson Rae Gold Smith claims that the article is false. She says. " I guess we've been a victim of the fake news trend". 2</sup>


Issues and Analysis

Connecting to social justice, the spread of this fake news story is harmful because it pushes the harmful stereotype that protests such as Black Lives Matter are rooted in violence, and only lead to harm.

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