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Do cheese and cream reduce heart and diabetes risk?Updated automatically every 5 minutes

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Status : Mostly False

Summary: This claim says that having a high dairy diet will reduce heart and diabetes risks. Their are multiple articles that say this is true, people seem to think that eating "healthy" fats will reduce heart and diabetes risk. However, there is no proof to this claim, they say that there was a study done but they can nor provide one. ( 1)


Origin and Prevalence :


The first time i saw this claim is in 2014 where it says that people ate 8 portions a day of full fat dairy diet that reduced their risk of diabetes and heart risk vs. those who do not have dairy diets in their lives. It keeps talking about a study that was done but it does not show any proof of the study. Usually if something is truly done then it will provide a link to the study and it does not. Another thing about these articles is it does not explain why. It says this is better for you with out actually explaining how or why. If it had some evidence or examples it might make it a little easier to look at.




Issues and Analysis

Despite all of the facts that say this claim is true, there is just no evidence on why this is true. I found an article called "Major Dietary Protein Sources and Risk of Coronary Heart Disease in women" ( 2) that states that not only does it not reduce the risk of it but it actually makes your risk higher! This article is the most reliable because it is scholarly and has multiple authors standing behind it. Not only does it have all of the Authors behind it but some of throes authors have Medical degrees. I know this because they have the MD after their name, doctors are not going to put their names on just anything. This scholarly article is why i decided this claim is Mostly False.

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