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Does North Korea have an ICBM that can reach U.S. territory?

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Claim: North Korea does in fact have ICBMs and they can reach the U.S mainland.

Status: Partially True

ICBM is short for Intercontinental ballistic missile. These type of missiles are meant to travel over thousands of miles and can launch anything from bombs to nuclear arms. ICBMs known as KN-08 and KN-14 have been observed in North Korea at various military parades since 2012. The KN-08( 1) can travel over 7,000 miles, while the KN-14 has a range over 6,000 miles. On 4 July, the United States confirmed North Korea did in fact successfully launch an ICBM. The estimated height was 2800 meters up and flew a distance of 930 kilometers, landing in the Sea of Japan.


Origin and Prevalence

North Korea started making headlines with their ICBMs when they flaunted them at the annual military parade on April 15, 2012 ( 2). This parade celebrates ‚Äčthe 1912 birthday of Kim ll Sung, whom was north Koreas founding founding ruler.


Issues and Analysis

Experts claim that North Korea does in fact have ICBMs and they have been tested Many say that the missiles are unable to reach U.S territory at their current state. In the past the problematic country has tested a medium range ballistic missile that exploded ( 3) almost instantly. So the likely hood of North Korea successfully launching an ICBM, having it clear the atmosphere, return back, avoid being shot down by U.S defenses, and hitting the target, for now is very unlikely. The U.S. is trying to make North Korea's life even harder with cyber attacks ( 4)to keep the missiles from even getting off the ground. After the July 4th 2017 launch test, the Trump administration began to discuss with other world leaders actions that need to be taken to prevent further development. North Korea has been continuously working on nuclear weapons, causing concerns around the world of ICBM nuclear weapons presenting a threat to the United States and its allies. Currently it is not believed that North Korea has the capability create a nuclear warhead small enough to successfully attach to an ICBM, their research continues even with the sanctions that are currently imposed.



Further reading

Always keep an eye out for new information. This is such a current topic that information is constantly be added and updated. A few great ways to stay on top of the North Korea missile crisis are things like local and worldwide news programs, the thousands of articles on the internet, and even the newspaper.

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