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Was Hillary Clinton's health so bad that funeral results were prepared?Updated automatically every 5 minutes

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Claim: Hillary Clinton's Health In 2010 So Bad A Funeral Was Arranged


Status: Unresolved


The claim of Hillary's funeral arrangements are still very unclear. As the 2016 presidential election, heated up in the midst of September, so did the questions of Hillary's health. While in New York City, Hillary fainted unexpectedly, which was later linked to 'pneumonia', many believe it was something more serious then that. In 2010, Hillary, at the age of 62, some say that, that it is hardly an age for funeral planning. An insider, Capricia Marshall wrote to Huma Abedin, Doug Band and Cheryl Mills, saying "every time someone significant passes, I am flooded with requests," about the Clintons' arrangements. Capricia Marshall added by saying "Planning is necessary and best done when they are still with us". Huma Abedin who was supposidly hired to plan Hillary's funeral arrangements, was noted that these alleged arrangements were part of a protocol, and its best to plan while the loved on is still alive to know exactly what they want. The health concerns of Hillary, were present with the public long before the 2016 election. Her health records show that past illnesses have been more serious than the public would like to see with a lady her age. Although, her illnesses have not been any more serious than the average person, it is, again, more than the public would like to see. In late July of 2015, right before the presidential election debates came into play, Hillary released some of her health records. Her health records were not out of the ordinary, she had had a previous stomach virus, was prescribed a blood thinner, just for extended flights, and broke a few bones before the year 2000. In extent to just her health history, her family's health was also put out for the public. Her father, lived to his 80's, who passed away from a stroke, and her mother, lives to her 90's who just died of congestive heart failure. A most recent health exam done of presidential candidate, Hillary, shows that she was and still is a healthy-appearing female. Her vitals in normal range, with seasonal allergies and small illnesses. The thought that Huma, was hired to plan Hillary's funeral were only thought about when her, Bill Clinton, had heart surgery in 2004. Hillary talked to Huma in regard to funeral arrangements, because it was always a thought in the back of her head when a significant other in the Clinton family passes away. The allegations that Hume was hired to plan Hillary's funeral because of her husband's health are still unclear. At the end of this all, if Hillary did hire Huma to plan her funeral, what concerns does it have to the public, eventually a funeral is planned weather someone is dead or alive, but Hillarys thoughts are it's better to do it while i'm still alive, so people know what I want and don't want, rather than guessing their way through it. The allegations of Huma, being hired to plan prior presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's funeral arrangements are still very unclear, and neither have very much comment to make.


Origin and Prevalence


A recent article published in March of 2017 claims that "Huma was asked to plan Hillary's Funeral." As the interview kept going with the hired planner of Hillary's funeral it was stated that "Planning is necessary and best done when they are still with us," she wrote to top Clinton aide Abedin. Hillary


The controversial of this all is that, Hillary hired Huma to plan her funeral a week after her husbands, Bill Clinton, heart surgery. The claim that kept being made was that "Planning is necessary and best done when they are still with us." But the claims that were made after made it seem as if she was trying to hide something, and that the funeral arrangements were a cover up or a distraction that had happened earlier that year.

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Issues and Analysis

The issue that is huge here is that, the only people that will ever know the real story are the Clintons and the one hired to do the planning. Although the other statement that is very key, is that it is better to plan a funeral while the person is alive rather then guess what they would want when they are dead. At the end of this all, her health and her issues are her business and she doesnt need the entire world in her business.

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