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Are Truck Drivers in Puerto Rico Really on Strike?Updated automatically every 5 minutes

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The truck drivers in Puerto Rico are not on strike.

On September 30, 2017 an article was released claiming that the truck drivers in Puerto Rico were not showing up to work and helping to distribute relief supplies to those affected by Hurricane Maria . The truck drivers were blamed for being the main problem in distributing relief supplies to the people of Puerto Rico, when this is simply not the case. This claim was completely false, the truck drivers in Puerto Rico did not go on strike, or chose not to work and help distribute relief supplies as stated here by Kate Taylor from the Business Insider.

Origin and Prevalence

This article was published on a website called the Gateway Pundit as seen here, accusing Puerto Rican truck drivers of not showing up to work because they did not want to abide by FEMA ( Federal Emergency Management Agency) regulations so they went on strike. This article was aimed at debunking the claim circling around the internet as seen here, that President Trump was not sending relief supplies or help to Puerto Rico, so the blame was placed on the truck drivers.

Issues and Analysis

While the truck drivers did not go on strike they did not show up to work, only because means of travel had been destroyed in the Hurricane as stated here by Nestor Ramos from the Boston Globe and shown here by Almukhtar, Griggs and Wallace from the New York Times.This means that the workers cars had been destroyed or even if their vehicle was not the roads were. Trees were down, as were parts of vehicles so they did not purposely not show up to work. Communication between truck drivers and their employers was nearly impossible, as power was out in most parts of the island. With the means of communication down around most of the island, truck drivers also feared leaving their families and having no way to talk to them. The website that published this claim is a heavily biased political website, that shares a lot of biased information has seen here. The owners of this "political blog" made this website after the 2004 presidential election as said here by Jim Hoft the owner and author of the Gateway Pundit. While Jim Hoft is well known for The Gateway Pundit he is also well known across the internet as a blogger that is known to acquire information and then twist it to his needs or wants as stated here by Media Matters for America. For example he pulls photos out of context and off of random social media sites and uses them to support his idea. For example in the article claiming the truck drivers were on strike he pulled text from another article published by the Huffington Post as seen here, and uses them out of context to support his argument.

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