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Did a Young Girl Disconnect her Grandfather's Life Support to Plug in her Phone’s Charger?Updated automatically every 5 minutes

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Although, there was no date as to when this article was posted or published, RachFeed claims a young girl at the age of 26 disconnected her grandfather's life support in order to charge her mobile phone. The young girl, named louis at the age of 26 making such a childish decision involving her grandfather comes out to be absolutely false

Origin and Prevalence

This article was published on a site called RachFeed as seen above, claiming that a young girl at the age of 26 disconnected her grandfather's life support in order to charge her phone. With that being said this article seems to be popular on another site named 8shit which comes out as "complete satire" as stated on their about us page .

Issues and Analysis

Although this article might seem believable at first, there were no proof as to why this event occurred. This article was published on:

  • RachFeed : this site has absolutely no hard evidence to back up this claims. In addition, it is stated on Here "'We aim to feed you with interesting topics to 'ease your boredom' and keep you informed with the latest viral trend on the web". Meaning they focus on on anything that is trending on the web which as everyone knows is not always true. Following up with that, none of the proofs used to back up this claim were cited. Joy, the author of the article's about me page was absolutely blank.
  • 8shit: The other website, comes out to be complete satire just as stated on Here "8Shit is a satire and humor website. It contains cutting edge satire on a diverse range of topics.The website publishes fake news, shocking rumors and reports with incisive sarcasm, and humor.We also post crazy real news which often sounds too good to be true."

As seen above none of these websites are credible nor believable. The punctuations used in the articles are absolutely informal also making seems like an article anybody could publish with or without credibility.

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