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Are there significantly more murders when the moon is full?Updated automatically every 5 minutes

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Answer: Not too extreme to notice a higher crime rate than any other day. There is not enough evidence found that suggests that this claim is factual. The origin of this claim derives from mythological beliefs, not scientific research (although some articles claimed their writings were based off science).

Origin and Prevalence

The only sources I have found under this question were sites that are used for public entertainment. I had found an article on the Washington Post and they had discussed something about scientific research but there were no citations found. I also found a blog that explained their opinion about this question which is not scholarly. The first link I found included police reports about crime during a full moon but the police reports were filed during the 18th century.

Although all our sources weren't scholarly, I found that the origin of the claim came from the ancient Greece and Roman times. The word "lunacy" is originated from the word "Luna", who is the roman goddess of the moon. Ancient philosophers believed that since the gravitational pull of the moon effects water, the water in our brains are also affected during a full moon. Contradictory to this claim, many studies have found positive behaviors during a full moon. Making the connection between the phases of the moon and behavior, there is no consistency.

Issues and Analysis

The idea of lunacy of a full moon and how it affects the human mind is still a mystery. However many studies have been done in multiple countries. Some studies were measured using the Chi test method. Using this method it was found that on Wednesdays when there was a full moon crime rates had peaked more than any other day in the week. It is believed that the rates peaked on the Wednesday with the full moon because of the "Holi Festival." However there is still not enough evidence to prove why crime rates are higher on full moons. According to Polish researcher Michal Zimecki, studies show the full moon is not the peak of crime during a lunar cycle, however, two days before the full moon is. There is data that also shows that more accidents and crime occur during the waxing phase instead of the waning phase. All articles and evidence found shows that crime is not more prevalent during a full moon.





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