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Would 36% of Brits Consider Having Sex with a Robot?
Is Sitting the New Smoking?
Did Switzerland ban the wearing of Burqas?
Is being annoyed at others chewing a sign of genius?
Did the founder of Planned Parenthood speak in favor of creating a 'superior' white race by sterilizing 'degenerates'?
When were the majority of statues of the Confederate generals put up? (group1)
Does snapchat delete your photos after you send them?
Could a 3 to 10 mile Asteroid cause mass extinction on the Earth?
Does a viral photo of Donald Trump depict the President rescuing someone from floods during Hurricane Harvey?
Was Celery the 'Avocado Toast' of the Victorian Era?
Are there significantly more murders when the moon is full?
Do video games improve your memory?
About UMW
Did an elementary school in California force students to cross dress for LGBT Week?
Did Millennials kill Applebee's?
Was Bill Clinton expelled from Oxford over a rape incident?
Did an elementary school in California force students to cross dress for LGBT Week?
Does visiting the beach change your brain?
Does eating vegetables make men appear more sexy to their partners?
Are E-Cigarettes Safer Than Cigarettes?
Can an algorithm be racist?
Did Switzerland Ban Products that use Animal Testing?
Has Iceland introduced “drone-based pizza delivery”?
Is the Earth Flat?
Are people who are late more successful?
Does soy feminize men and turn them into leftists?
Is cigar smoking safer than cigarette smoking?
Does physical activity reduce stress?
Did Robert E. Lee's descendant denounce white supremacy at the VMAs?
Did a High School in Baltimore Change Grades so Children can Graduate

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